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Deluxe Provent

Crockett National Bank offers a suite of identity theft protection services through Deluxe Provent. For a low monthly fee, you may choose the identity and fraud protection service that best meets your needs, including prevention, detection, and restoration.

Enrollment is easy. Just follow these steps:
 * Visit to view the various options.
 * When registering, enter the Crockett National Bank Routing Number - 111312535
 * You’ll be taken through the steps for enrolling and activating your membership. That is all there is to it!

A feature of the Connect Checking Account is Deluxe Provent’s ID Restoration Pro. Should you become victim of identity theft, this service provides at no charge to you access to restoration specialists that assist you with recovery. Additional benefits include convenient 24/7 access to secure storage of your wallet contents, assistance if you lose your wallet, experience fraud, or your identity has been compromised, help to recover your identity to pre-theft status, and access to a one-time scan of your name and address. Go to to access your service. Additional ID Theft and Protection services may be added for an additional charge.

IMPORTANT: Connect Checking Customers will not be enrolled until verification of online banking and eStatement requirements of account have been made. Once enrolled, you can expect to receive an initial welcome communication directly from the Deluxe Provent program office.

Crockett National Bank's number one priority is the security of our customers' information.