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Personal Banking

All Crockett National Bank accounts include:

Checking Comparison


Key PerksMinimum To OpenEarns InterestMonthly Pricing
Personal Checking
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Easy banking access that also includes Online and Mobile banking with Bill pay.

$1,000.00 No

$10 Service charge if the average balance falls below $1,000.

$5 Monthly paper statement fee for average balances under $10,000. 

Service charge and statement fee are waived for minors and customers 60 or over. 

NOW Checking
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Earns competitive rate of interest. 

$2,500.00 Yes

No monthly service charge when $2,500 daily minimum balance is maintained. $10 Service Charge when above condition is not met during a statement cycle.

Disclosure Regarding Payment of Items
Schedule of Miscellaneous Fees and Charges
Determination of interest rate is at the bank's discretion. We may change the interest rate at any time. Contact us for interest rate information.  Accounts that provide preprinted check products are pre-selected by the bank. Bank rules and regulations apply.