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Identity Theft:  Protect your Mobile Device

12.18.15 | Security


Accessing accounts via mobile devices is like using a computer and consumers should use similar online safety practices. The tips for using a smartphone or tablet more safely include:

  • Only use secure websites, apps, and hardware: Consumers should make sure to use a reputable company and to go through the company’s website, not through a link sent by someone else that could be fraudulent. When using free or public Wi-Fi, consumers should try to use a private network and go to a secure site that begins with HTTPS.
  • Protect personal information: Consumers should not share their PIN or passwords with anyone, and they should not save passwords on their phones or tablets.
  • Use strong passwords: Password protecting a cell phone or tablet helps prevent or at least slow down thieves from accessing information on the device, so consumers should use strong, unidentifiable passwords.
  • Report loss or theft to financial institutions: If consumers lose their cell phone or tablet used for mobile banking, they should tell all of their financial providers – banks or credit unions, credit cards, prepaid cards, and personal finance apps.
  • Close browsers when finished: Consumers should log out of their browsers when finished with their banking or financial transactions and they should consider clearing their browsing history.

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