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Certificate of Deposit Equals Good Investment

12.12.15 | Crockett National Bank

A certificate of deposit, or CD is like a savings account in that it is FDIC insured and basically risk free. The difference is that it has a fixed term and a fixed rate. If you have been instinctively parking your funds in a savings account for years, but never touching the money, it's worth your while to explore the benefits of CDs.

How exactly is a CD different from a regular savings account?
It's a one time deposit.
You can't get the funds out until the CD matures.
The rate is locked in at the time that you get the CD.

What are the benefits of a CD?
The biggest benefit is a higher rate of return via higher interest rates.
Your interest rate is locked in for the term of the CD and will not fluctuate due to the market.

CDs are an excellent way to get a better rate of return on money that would otherwise sit in your bank account. Learn more about Crockett National Bank's CD products and open one today!