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Debit Cards

Visa Account Updater

What is VISA® Account Updater?


Effective October 6, 2017, in response to VISA® requirements, all Crockett National Bank Debit Cards will be enrolled in VISA® Account Updater. VAU will provide participating merchants the ability to retrieve cardholder account changes. For Example: New card number or new expiration date. This is to ensure very little disruption with possible card-on- file transactions and automated payments.

What are card-on-file automated payments?


Card-on- file transactions are payments processed using a card number you have stored with a merchant or service provider; primarily websites with whom you have created an account and save your debit card information.

Examples include:

  • Online Payment Services
  • Online Retailers
  • Movie/eBook/Music Download services

Examples of Automatic Recurring Payments which you have set up with merchant or service provider can include:

  • Phone/Cable/Utilities Services
  • Insurance Premiums
  • Gym Memberships or Radio Subscriptions 

Will my payment information be automatically updated?


No. The VISA® Account Updater is only available to participating merchants, and they choose the frequency at which they check for updated payment information. To avoid late payments and penalties, please verify with your merchant to ensure your card information is updated. 

Can I opt-out of VISA® Account Updater (VAU)?


Yes. You may opt out of Visa® Account Updater by completing an opt-out request form. Forms can be completed at your local branch or send a request by email through your iBanking account. 



Feel free to contact customer service at 1.800.588.6714

EMV Debit Cards

When will Crockett be offering EMV Debit Cards?


Beginning August 2016 expired debit cards will renew with the EMV chip to better serve and protect you. No further action will be required as debit cards will renew upon your expiration date.

Why is my Crockett National Bank Debit Card changing?


The biggest benefit of EMV is the reduction in card fraud resulting from counterfeit, lost and stolen debit cards. EMV Chip Cards will help reduce fraud.

What is “EMV”?


EMV stands for EuroPay, MasterCard, VISA, and it represents microchip technology in your card that increases security. This microchip provides an enhanced layer of security for transactions.

When will I receive my EMV card?


EMV debit cards will be created and mailed upon your current expiration date. Example: If your debit card expires 10/16 you will receive a renewed EMV card during the last week of October.

Will I have the same PIN number and card number?


Yes. Your card and Pin number will stay the same; however, the expiration and security code on the back of the card will be different. Keep in mind that if you have any automatic/monthly payments with your debit card, you may need to contact those merchants and give them the updated expiration date and security code.

How do I perform chip card transactions?

  • Insert your chip card into the ATM or point-of-sale terminal, following the instructions on the terminal. It is important to leave the card in the terminal until your transaction is complete. If you remove your card too soon, the transaction will end and your purchase will not be processed.
  • If the retailer’s machine doesn’t yet accept EMV chip cards, run the transaction using the magnetic strip on the back of your card.
  • Sign for credit or enter pin for debit.
  • When transaction is complete, it is important to remember to remove your card.

What do I do when I receive my new card?


When you receive your new EMV Chip Debit Card, you will need to activate it by dialing the 1-800 number on the sticker placed on your card.  If you have automatic payments drafted from your debit card, you will need to contact the merchants with your updated card expiration date and CVV code.

Will my EMV Debit Card be accepted at all merchants and ATMS?


Yes, your card will continue to be accepted at all merchants and ATMs that accept Visa debit cards.

What if a merchant or ATM is not equipped to accepts EMV cards?


Crockett National Bank will issue your debit card with the EMV and magnetic stripe. This allows your card to be accepted at terminals that have not moved to EMV ready machines.

What is the fee to replacement my EMV Debit Card?


For cards being replaced due to expiration, there will be no cost to the customer. In the event you need to replace the card prior to expiration, there will be a replacement cost of $5.

Can I still use my current card?


You can use your current card until you receive your EMV Chip Card. At that time, activate your new chip card and start using it. Be sure to destroy your old card by cutting it up or shredding it.

Can I use it to make purchases online or by phone?


Yes. You can use your chip card to make these purchases as you do today.

What if my card is lost or stolen?


It’s important to report a lost or stolen card immediately. During bank hours call our main number 800-588-6714. For after-hours please call 800-472-3272.