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Business Banking

NEW Business iBanking

I am a current Cash Management Customer, how will I log in?


Business iBanking will offer a separate log in for customers using ACH, Wire, or Positive Pay services.  Business iBanking is also for those customers needing to give online access to certain employees.  If you currently fall into this category, you will be hearing directly from the bank with additional information. 

Your existing User ID will be the same as the Access ID that Business iBanking will require.  We will be setting up a temporary password for you that will be communicated prior to launch.

I am a business but do not use Cash Management. How do I need to log in?


Business accounts who use iBanking to view accounts, make transfers, and pay bills, but do not utilize any ACH or Wire services through Cash Management, will log in under Personal Banking.  When logging in for the first time starting August 1st at 10:00 AM CST, use the following steps:

  • Username – enter your existing User ID in all lower case
  • Temporary Password – last 4 digits of your social security number
    (tip: if the username is linked to another account owner, you must enter the last 4 digits of their social security number.  If the username is linked to your business, use the last 4 digits of its tax ID number.)
  • New Password – minimum 8 characters, max 17 characters, 1 number, 1 capital letter, 1 special character (`&{}\<\>,.*[email protected]#$%^()-_+=~:;”)
  • Set up new Security Questions

What will the new Business iBanking look like?


Will I be able to continue to download transactions to Quickbooks?


Yes!  See specifics below for each Intuit platform:

QuickBooks: Windows & Mac

QuickBooks Online

Cash Management

What is Cash Management?


Crockett National Bank's secure iBanking Cash Management system gives businesses the tools they need to effectively manage their cash flow and other business needs.

  • Pay bills and initiate wire transfers
  • Transfer funds between your CNB accounts
  • View check images and pending transactions
  • Manage ACH Activities like tax payments (EFTPS), direct deposits, transfers, automatic deductions
  • Place stop payments
  • Manage Positive Pay
  • Make CNB loan payments to principal, interest, or both
  • Download information to your accounting software
  • Allow varying levels of access to the individuals you choose with security of a fully encrypted, fire-walled connection
  • Email Alerts

Contact Customer Service at (800) 588-6714 for more information and to get enrolled.

Can there be more than one user on my business Online Banking account?


Crockett National Bank’s Cash Management service allows business customers to have multiple logins and can limit access for each user.

What will I need to connect to Cash Management?


User ID and password set up at enrollment along with a token that will be issued for all Cash Management users.The token is a small electronic security device that generates a unique password to authorize access to Cash Management services online.

Why do I need a token for Cash Management?


For the security of your business transactions, Cash Management services require a token provided by Crockett National Bank. Use the token to generate a unique security code each time a user logs in, initiates a wire transfer or sends an ACH within Cash Management.

Will my business have a limit for ACH transactions or Wires?


Yes.Together, we will determine a limit that makes sense for both you and the bank depending on your business needs.Remember that the limits set are for both the banks and your security.

What is the deadline for submitting an ACH batch or file?


Files must be processed by 4 PM CST the business day before the effective date of the transaction.

I made a mistake on my ACH file. How can I fix it?


If you already clicked on the "Process" button it is no longer possible for you to stop or alter the file. Under certain circumstances we may be able to stop the file so you can process a corrected file. Contact Customer Service at (800) 588-6714 as soon as you are aware of a problem.

What is the deadline for a Wire to be transmitted same day?


Wires must be initiated no later than 4 PM CST for the bank to send out the same business day.Receipt and posting of the funds at the receiving financial institution may vary on their policy.

What is Positive Pay?


Positive Pay is an online banking tool that can help you combat check fraud and forgery. Our system matches the checks presented for payment against the check respective detail provided by your business.

Remote Deposit Capture

What is Remote Deposit Capture?


Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is a program that allows customers to make deposits without having to leave their home or office. Customers will be given a check scanner and access to the RDC website from which they will be able to deposit whenever convenient.

Does it cost anything?


As long as the customer maintains an aggregate daily balance of $30,000.00 in their bank accounts there will be no monthly service fee. If at any time the aggregate balance falls below the minimum during a statement cycle there will be a service charge of $75.

How do I install RDC software on my computer?


Once an application has been submitted and approved a member of Crockett National Bank will contact you to set up an appointment to install the RDC scanner and software.

When can I make deposits?


Customers can make deposits anytime.Deposits closed by 4 PM CST on any business day will be dated that same day.Deposits closed after 4 PM CST on a business day, weekend or bank holiday will be deposited into the account on the next business day.

How will I know that a deposit has been made?


After a deposit has closed and approved an email will be sent showing the deposit was made.

What if my deposit total is wrong?


Once a deposit is scanned and closed it will be sent for review.Each check in the deposit is reviewed to ensure the scanned amount matches the amount entered by you before scanning in the deposit.The

deposit total will be adjusted to the total of scanned checks if they do not match.Notification of the adjusted total will be emailed.

How many checks can be scanned per deposit?


We recommend running 25 checks per deposit.Smaller batches makes it easier to find an image if needed.

What do I do with the checks after I scan them?


The bank’s RDC Agreement states that a customer can keep checks for no more than 45 days after they have been deposited. After 45 days, checks should be destroyed.Until that time, it is recommended checks be kept in a secure location under lock and key.

What if I need to view a copy of a check?


Check images are available within the RDC website as well as iBanking.

What if I need to contact someone for support?


Crockett National Bank has employees that are ready to assist you with any questions you may have with your RDC scanner and software. A list of support contacts will be given to you during the install process so that you can reach us when you need us.

Merchant Services

Does the bank offer merchant services?


Yes.Crockett National Bank offers Merchant Services through TIB – The Independent Bankers Bank with minimal fees.Please visit with a New Account Representative at (800) 588-6714 for more details.