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Debit Cards

Notice: Debit Card Limits

Debit Card per day limit is $500 for ATM or PIN based transactions and $2,500 for point of sale or signature based transactions.

"Credit or Debit?" 

It’s a familiar question from the store clerk when you pull out a plastic card to make a purchase. Either way, when you use your Crockett National Bank Debit Card, the money comes directly out of your checking account. Here are a few reasons why you might want to answer, "Credit":

  • Credit protects you from identity theft. Any time you enter your PIN, you risk becoming the victim of a “shoulder surfer,” or someone who looks over your shoulder and sees the number you enter. By signing, your PIN number cannot be seen.
  • Credit gives you the ability to dispute charges. Choosing credit makes it easier to reverse the charges if you get into a dispute with a merchant or vendor. Unauthorized transactions should always be reported immediately.
  • Credit also shields you from liability. If someone uses a stolen debit card to drain your account you are protect by choosing credit.

Remember to tell the merchant "Credit" or hit the cancel button. Many merchants automatically bring you to the PIN screen, so instead of entering your PIN, hit the cancel button and it will give you the option of credit.  Only use your PIN when requesting cash back from a merchant or at an ATM.

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